Norovirus – Disinfecting Alone is not Enough


The colder, winter months are peak season for influenza and norovirus, which is often mistaken for the stomach flu, leading to vicious bouts of cramping, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The CDC estimates that each year norovirus causes 19 to 21 million illnesses, 56,000 to 71,000 hospitalizations and 570 to 800 deaths. So, what does this… Read More

3 New Year’s Resolutions for Facility Managers

New Year's Resolutions for facility managers

Here are a three New Year’s tips to help your facilities look their best, streamline your budget and improve your operational health. 1. Take a Walk Inspection checklists and quality assurance reports are critical tools to prevent injuries, record hazards for corrective action and keep your facilities looking their best. However, there comes a time… Read More

Smarter Inspections, Better Quality Control

An effective quality assurance program is essential to not just measuring, but to continuous improvement in janitorial performance. Smarter inspections offer better quality control. Today, advancements in technology have allowed for useful alternatives with much lower costs than in the past. Smart Inspect is one of those programs. Smart Inspect software is configured to your… Read More

Do you know who is cleaning your building?

Do you really know who is cleaning your building at night? You may never get the chance to see or interact with your night time janitorial team. So how can you be assured that the people servicing your building are worthy of your trust? Here are three tips to ensure peace of mind about the… Read More

Our People Are Your Best Assets

Exceptional customer service is not just about the customer – it’s about the people. In today’s economy, there is always a competitor who will find a way to do what you do cheaper and faster. More often than not, though, especially when it comes to the janitorial industry, you get what you pay for. Less… Read More