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Efficient facilities maintenance management software to manage everything from scheduling work orders to inventory control. NetFacilities is your complete solution for property maintenance and grounds management of one or multiple facilities that links every person, place, and thing within your company in one simple system. Easy-to-use, 100% web-based Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) manages all your facilities, assets, and work order management.

NetFacilities is perfect for service contractors and job-site management. Manage work orders and scheduled maintenance across all of your service locations (buildings/properties/job-sites) while keeping your customers happy, and in the loop, with on-time job completions and full tracking of work orders. Automatically generate scheduled maintenance and preventive maintenance work orders to prevent costly oversights.

This allows clients to request work in real-time so you can react quickly and get the job done fast. Keep everyone connected for collaboration, scheduling, and tracking. NetFacilities will get you organized and keep everyone on task so your clients remain happy while you continue to grow.


SmartInspect saves clicks by “defaulting” all items within an area to “acceptable.” You simply need to record “deficient” items and any associated notes or pictures.

SmartInspect eliminates the paper trail and redundancies involved with other inspection programs. Paper-based program data is very difficult to manage and places an unnecessary burden on both your organization and the environment. By keeping everything digital, data can be stored electronically and revisited quickly by way of a few simple clicks.

When your inspection is complete, upload your data wirelessly. Once uploaded, email notifications go to selected users and your inspection data is ready for viewing.

Not every company has an internal IT staff with the resources to support a new inspection program. No worries – the SmartInspect technical team will help you when you need to make changes or fine-tune your program.

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