Success Stories

“I wanted to take time to formally thank you for your and your team’s efforts throughout the storm – from readying for the onset through the storm and cleaning/repairing in the aftermath. The property was standing tall when I arrived on Tuesday afternoon. As you know, I was shocked to see a mall ready to open to the public after a horrific storm assaulted the site! Congratulations to you and your extended team on an incredible execution of emergency response. You and the team did Hamilton Mall and Kravco Company proud, VERY PROUD! Warmest regards.”

Clint Cochran, Vice President
Kravco Simon

“We continue to appreciate your partnership and support of our ongoing needs, and sincerely appreciate the dedication provided by all members of the ESC team. Much of our success is conditioned on the services you supply, and your honest, hardworking site members working in conjunction with Luis and Jose are a bright spot in our days that include meeting the expectations of so many individuals that work in our buildings.

Thanks for your attention and continued assistance.”

Jayson Goosey, Vice President
J.K. Moseley Company, Inc

“We received a visit from Paul Fickinger, EVP of Property Management for the Mills division. He toured the property and was very pleased with its condition and the changes that we have brought forward. When Janitorial Services were discussed, he mentioned that the mall was extremely clean as compared to some of the others he has seen. I mentioned that ESC played a major role, especially Jorge our site manager. Paul remembers the struggles we had maintaining the property with US Metro, and I explained that ESC has brought many changes from both a procedural and an employee morale perspective. Thank you all for your continued support in the best possible presentation of this property.”

Timo Kuusel, Director of Operations
The Mills - A Simon Company

“Your team, led by Richard, was outstanding. He is still working right along his team at 150%. He had everyone working with scrubbers, vacs, mops, buckets, clearing common areas and tenant spaces. As you know, I have worked with Richard on & off over the past 15 years and I really need to commend his response to this event. It’s the best I’ve ever seen! Yes, I will communicate this directly to him as well. I have been told by the on site management team that is the worst flooding they have ever seen here. Thank you and your team for outstanding commitment and service!”

Lynda Benedetto, Mall Manager
Quaker Bridge Mall
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