Integrated Facility Services

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Integrated Facility Services offer single-source, streamlined contract solutions that reduce your risk, improve your business, increase cost savings and ensure the well-being of your portfolio and your people.

Your Portfolio has Unique Qualities

No two organizations or building operations are exactly alike; you need customized service solutions that fit your culture, focus on the point of execution where each facet of the work gets done, sets standards, assigns accountability, and generates follow up and KPI reporting for superior results. All of this while driving up employee engagement and satisfaction.

ESCFederal Integrated Facility Services

Quality Systems & Best Practices

ESCFederal knows that quality is measured in the smallest of details. We have the proven experience to care for and take responsibility for every stage in the lifecycle of a stadium, skyscraper, ballroom, boiler room, classroom, campus or multi-purpose complex. We have the training, technology, efficiencies and professionalism to offer asset management and engineering services designed to extend the operating life of your capital investments to keep your facilities operating at their best, for years to come.

A Triple Bottom Line Approach

We believe that effective facility services solutions are data-driven. This is why we use rigorous measurements to improve upon best practices for sustainability, physical security, energy management and intelligent building projects to care for your facilities. We also believe in corporate responsibility, which is why we use green cleaning and healthy buildings programs to care for your tenants and guests. We believe that you deserve true asset management that meet your needs and offer a greater return on investment.

Talk to us about integrated facility services from ESCFederal. Let’s all do what we do best.

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