Achieve Your Goals & Enhance Your Brand with ESCFederal’s Model of Services

ESCFederal’s facilities and cleaning industry experience allow us to create solutions specific to each of our clients’ individual needs. Our brand and culture help us attract a pool of talented team members who have the passion and performance to provide any facilities and cleaning service in any market. While there are differences in providing the right solutions for specific environments, cleaning and maintaining healthcare environments, residential properties, museums, casinos, or hotels are supported by the same fundamentals.

Step 1: Identifying Your Needs

We listen to our customers and work with them to identify their needs. Some of those needs may be expressed by you, while other needs are uncovered through our specialized discovery process.

Some key needs that we often identify and build a plan around include:

  • Flexible and scalable staffing during COVID-19 and for post-pandemic recovery
  • Financial transparency to optimize your specific data-driven decision making
  • Professional and engaged program management and leadership
  • Engaged, well-trained, productive, and professional workforce
  • Wages that reflect new realities while remaining competitive and responsible
  • Flexible, customized service programs that align with your needs
  • One partner to provide integrated services and custom solutions

Step 2: Understanding Desired Outcomes

Once your needs are established, we seek to understand your desired business outcomes. We explore business goals, priorities, and discover how our proposed services are aligned to:

  1. Help you achieve your goals
  2. Contribute to your customers’ experience
  3. Enhance your brand

Step 3: Overseeing Your Operations

The ESCFederal Project Manager oversees all aspects of our services at your property. This strong, engaged, collaborative, high-energy individual sets the tone for the entire organization. The outcome is high-quality service, sustainable results, and strong relationships with all of your organization’s stakeholders. 

Why is this so important? It creates a culture consistent with optimizing your experience and brand.


The greatest compliment we can receive is that while our employees are not your employees, they are seamlessly embedded into your operation. How? ESCFederal team members are considered and viewed as part of your team. Perhaps, more importantly, is that your customers’ experience is that they are well-served and that the entire team is working together seamlessly.

Our Commitment to You

What is unique about ESCFederal is our commitment and approach. Our approach is completely dependent on client collaboration. We align our vast industry experience with your specific and unique needs. Our experience is our compass and meeting your exact needs is our destination.

Take advantage of our expertise by choosing a Facilities Maintenance Solutions team with a national reach and local touch. Learn more today, or contact us to request a quote!

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