Changing the Perception of Clean

The need to build long-term trust and confidence with property stakeholders is critical to increasing building occupancy rates and foot traffic to pre-pandemic levels. Whether or not a facility is clean has become almost a secondary (although still critical) factor in attracting and maintaining building occupancy. How a person perceives whether a space is clean and safe will determine how he or she will interact with it. So, how can facility managers, owners, and facilities services providers work together to change the perception of clean and build consumer and occupant confidence?

Shining a spotlight on the role of facilities maintenance services in building consumer confidence

Today’s facilities maintenance services continue to play a central role in driving customer and occupant experience – and confidence.

  • 75% of employees said they would feel more comfortable and confident that COVID-19 prevention measures were being enforced if they could see visible evidence of cleaning happening.
  • 73% of employees are concerned about illness spreading in their office
  • 90% think employers who deep clean their workplace restroom regularly care more about the health and wellness of employees than employers who don’t
  • 91% of people are more aware of cleaning measures in public spaces such as hand sanitizer stations or staff wiping down surfaces with disinfectant.

Changing the perception of clean in facilities services

Quality facilities services providers, like ESCFederal, deliver effective data-driven solutions. Processes, protocols, and operational procedures are rigorously measured, monitored, and adapted to meet the needs of individual facilities, property certifications, and the most stringent of standards.  In addition, we routinely communicate with property owners and facility managers to share data, findings, and recommendations. Communication is a two-way process, which is critical to changing the perception of clean, which is why on-site teams and regional managers consistently ask for feedback.

How well are you communicating with your stakeholders?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:
  • Transparency: Do you have documented and measured quality assurance programs, and are you communicating with stakeholders about how you are meeting or exceeding those expectations?
  • Accountability: Are you acknowledging and addressing when you might be falling short? Are you visibly championing achievements and certifications?
  • Visibility: Do you have the right people with the right equipment performing the right task and the right time (and are stakeholders seeing them in action)?
  • Partnership: Are you acting as a true collaborative partner? In today’s pandemic marketplace with global staffing shortages, low occupancy rates, and supply chain delays, building owners, property managers, clients, vendors, associations, and facilities services providers who work in partnership will be more successful.

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