Bundling Services – Value Beyond a Discount

Bundling ServicesWhen you hear the term “bundling services” you might think about your cable and internet package. Or perhaps the term brings to mind bundling your home and auto insurance. By combining services through a single provider, you are familiar with the opportunity to purchase services through a discount package. However, the value of bundled services goes well beyond a simple discount. Bundling services enable you to customize and select the right set of services needed for your facility. Every building is different, so are your service needs. Why pay for services you don’t use and don’t need?

Bundling Services – Solutions That Leverage Your Budget

Whether you need routine maintenance or comprehensive facility services, the right partner will give you custom-tailored services that deliver the right solution at the right price to optimize your budget. A single provider can supply parts, equipment and labor with more efficiency and fewer labor hours that might otherwise be needed through several smaller contracts.

Bundling Services – Solutions That Help You See the Big Picture

One of the most often overlooked value-add benefits of bundling services is reporting. With a single provider, you receive regular reporting with all the necessary KPI’s to see the big picture at-a-glance, rather than having to track down multiple reports and data outputs. Not to mention the ease of dealing with 12 detailed summary invoices annually rather than 100.

Bundling Services – Solutions That Save You Headaches

One of the best values that bundled services provide is a single point of contact. Whether you need to order toilet paper, place a work order, or discuss process improvements, your pain points can be solved with a single phone call.

Bundled services can save you money, time and offer quality service improvements. Bundled services with right partner will give you the right solution at the right price to give you a greater sense of control over your facilities.

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