Internet of Things Janitorial Industry

5 Ways the Internet of Things (IoT) is Transforming the Janitorial Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the world around us – even the janitorial industry. But, first, what is the IoT? Every day “smart” Internet-connected devices are being used to extract data and help analyze insights about the world around us. These connected “things” include sensors in nearly everything, including cellphones, coffee makers, wearable […]

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Operations and Maintenance Benchmarks – Are You Measuring What You Manage?

IFMA’s Operations and Maintenance Benchmarks report offers valuable data to help you measure how your organization ranks against others in the industry as well as areas where you can improve facility operations. When properly applied, benchmarking can help you identify costly or inefficient practices and quantify your department’s overall contribution to the bottom line. The […]

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Smart Inspect Supports Quality Facility Services

  As a manager in the cleaning industry, one realizes the necessity of performing some kind of inspection to check the work of your cleaning team.   Today, advancements in technology have allowed for useful alternatives with much lower costs than in the past. Smart Inspect is one of those programs. Smart Inspect software is […]

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