The Frontline: Celebrating the Unsung Heroes in the Fight against COVID-19

As properties re-open across the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the ESCFederal team has been hard at work, contributing directly to the confidence of consumers and occupants. We’ve been busy providing the right equipment, the right training, and the right disinfecting process and resources to retail, hospitality, casino, and commercial properties. You may not see our crews, but you’ve seen the results of their work. Janitors, day porters, housekeepers, and other facility maintenance crews have been working on the frontlines during this pandemic, tirelessly deep cleaning and disinfecting entire properties and all surfaces to help keep us healthy. Today, we want to honor the janitorial and maintenance crews who are playing a critical role in re-opening the businesses where we work, play, and shop – these crews are our unsung heroes.


But, what, or who, exactly is a hero? You probably have an image in your mind of one, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Maybe it’s a nurse with marks on her face after a full shift wearing PPE. Or, maybe it’s a teacher conducting class to a laptop full of students eagerly trying to learn via Zoom meeting. Or, perhaps it’s the volunteers assisting at Food Banks. The ESCFederal team asks that you broaden your internal image of a hero to include the unsung heroes working diligently behind the scenes helping to keep the public safe: janitorial and other maintenance workers, wielding a spray bottle of disinfectant and a microfiber cloth.

While many were working remotely, our team was busy working hard to keep the public healthy amid this pandemic so you can return to the places you shop, work, and play.

Celebrating the Unsung Heroes in the Fight against COVID-19

The ESCFederal team wants to take a moment to show our gratitude, thanks, and endless appreciation to our cleaning crews, and to janitorial teams across America working day-in and day-out to keep office spaces, retail shopping centers, entertainment venues and other businesses across the country clean and disinfected. The unsung heroes are the janitorial and facility services people making our buildings safe every day. They’re here for you and your business.

Thank you for keeping us healthy and safe.

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