Elevate the Return to Commercial Offices with a Focus on Soft Services

Within the Facilities Management industry, there are what are known as hard and soft services. The difference between these two types of services, while easy to spot, is important for Facilities Managers to understand. The hospitality industry adopted them years ago and has been successful in providing a comfortable and enjoyable place for patrons across the country. Now, though, soft services are critical in cultivating a well-run workplace. And, with the reopening of more commercial office spaces across the country happening, creating an optimal workplace with the infusion of soft services is key.

The idea of soft services in facilities isn’t new. Hard services are parts of the operation you can’t change, like HVAC, plumbing, lighting and electricity, etc. These are physically integrated into the building and can’t be removed – they’re vital to the operation. Soft services, on the other hand, are meant to make the building or workplace more comfortable for employees and patrons who visit it. From landscaping to parking garages to cleaning, “aesthetics” are making a huge difference in how occupants and visitors are seeing and valuing properties – talk about first impressions! 

Raise the Value of Your Commercial Office with Soft Services 

Simple soft services like window washing, grounds and landscaping services, floor maintenance, snow removal, and so much more raise the value of your office space in a qualitative sense. The impact these services have on your property, employees, and visitors is cultural – when you have workers who feel appreciated, they’ll work their best. We have the same values within the ESCFederal team, too. Our People, Passion, and Performance are what make us who we are. 

Delivering premium soft services for your commercial office space supports the core function of the property: accommodating employees as they re-enter the workforce after more than a year of working from home. Help yours feel welcomed, valued, and empowered.

How Can Facility Soft Services Impact Your Employees? 

Believe it or not, soft services affect cash flow and revenue… And it all starts with your employees’ overall well-being. Productivity and job satisfaction are just a few of the ways that a well-run facility can have a huge impact on more than just the property. Space IQ gave the example of landscaping in their recent article, Soft Services in FM. Landscaping can directly impact cash flow and revenue when outsourced as well as provide value in terms of employee mood. Giving office workers a place to enjoy their lunch outside or take a quick walking break leads to less stress, positive boosts in moods, and overall productivity increases. 

The same can be said of every soft service. If they aren’t valued, your business will face indirect consequences at every turn.  Plus, soft services can offer a return on investment when outsourced with the right collaborative partner.

ESCFederal: We Provide Services Where the Details Count 

The goal of ESCFederal’s facilities maintenance services is to remove the headaches of property managers and building owners. With the return to the commercial office, our team will work hard to make your space remarkable. Every soft service detail is important to us! Learn more about our bundled services that deliver world-class hard and soft FM solutions to your property. Contact us for more information.

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