Flexible Service Delivery to Meet Real Needs with Real People

Flexible Service DeliveryNo two organizations or building operations are exactly the same. So why would your service delivery approach be the same?

What works for a small corporate office will not work for a distribution center or large mixed-use facility. You need customized service delivery solutions that fit your culture, operational needs, and how building occupants are actually using those spaces. While some customers may require a single service, others need multiple services or may be a candidate for a more comprehensive, integrated facilities approach. By focusing on where and how each facet of the work gets done, service solutions can set standards, assign accountability, and generate follow up KPI reporting for superior results. The icing on the cake? Customer satisfaction and engagement will sky rocket.

ESCFederal believes that a focus on people needs to be at the center of all service and service delivery approaches. Before we launch any program, we first evaluate site personnel and contracted services, including a systematic assessment of their skills, techniques, aptitude, and operational routines. Next, we conduct a building workload analysis and facility condition assessment to identify property needs. This assessment helps to put together the right team for your building that will improve workforce resources and will be prepared to meet the full range of facilities maintenance challenges.

Even with the best laid plans, people and facility needs change over time. That’s why we design a governance model based on each customer’s individualized service plan. For the entire lifecycle of the relationship, we have regular, candid conversations with customers and stakeholders to ensure their current needs are being met. We measure, record and track fundamental maintenance management activities to ensure that they continue to be optimized for the facility and people they serve. Because we are focused on people, we believe it’s important to stay flexible and to adapt to changing needs.

For more than five decades, ESCFederal has delivered top quality programs, utilizing Flexible Service Delivery, to property owners and managers across the U.S. We are proud to have one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry. We maintain longstanding client relationships because we deliver the right people, the right solutions and the right price.

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