“Greenwashing” Your Facility: A Sustainable Take on Enhancing Your Workplace

Greenwashing Your Facility

It’s Time to go Green.

From devastating floods to unprecedented wildfires, climate crises are on the rise. Headlines of weather-related woes have encouraged a wellspring of businesses to review their impact on the environment. Going green is a great gesture toward this end, one that both your employees and your bottom line will appreciate.

With an environmentally friendly janitorial services partner at your side, a good “greenwashing” is easier — and more cost-effective — than ever.

What is “Greenwashing?”

“Greenwashing” your workplace implies more than just whitewashing your office with hints of sustainability. It requires a thorough reworking of your business operations, including a commitment to eco-friendly facilities management.

The process begins with an understanding of how “green” differs from “sustainable” — two buzzwords that are often misunderstood.

“Green” vs. “Sustainable.”

To go “green” means your facility will reduce ecologically harmful impacts on its environment and people.

Naturally, this applies to the cleaning protocol for your offices as well. A green commercial cleaning partner, like ESCFederal, will use services, products, and equipment that are both eco-friendly, safe, and effective as well as help you achieve LEED and WELL certifications.

“Sustainable,” in turn, refers to a facility’s overall ability to meet present needs while looking out for the future of the building’s lifecycle. A sustainable janitorial services company will help your facility management program set sustainability goals, reduce its carbon footprint and protect people and environment’s long-term well-being.

The ideal janitorial services partner is conscious of both green and sustainable practices, blending both perspectives to produce impressive and professional cleaning results for your business.

What Makes a Green & Sustainable Commercial Cleaning Company?

Green Cleaning Brochure

ESCFederal proudly offers a range of comprehensive solutions that are both green and sustainable. Our Green Cleaning Solutions, for example, utilize EPA-certified cleaning supplies, agents, and equipment, as well as robust recycling programs.

It’s not just about the products, but how they are used. For example, precise dispenser systems will ensure just the right amount of cleaning agents are released, reducing waste. This can translate into a 50% reduction in materials used and can add up to big cost savings.

Measures like these significantly lessen the environmental impact, leaving your facilities optimized for long-term eco-impact.

Download ESCFederal’s Green Cleaning Brochure.

Honoring The Three Ps.

When you give your workplace a deep level “greenwashing,” you are investing in more than an immediate environmental pick-me-up. In fact, eco-friendly facilities management can help your business honor what are referred to as the three Ps: people, planet, and profits.

Much of what’s been discussed easily honors the first two terms here, people and the planet. It’s profit, arguably the least warm and fuzzy of the three, that may not readily be apparent. However, green cleaning services can actually help your bottom line

ESCFederal’s Integrated Facilities Services will both enhance your facility and boost your company’s long-term efficiency.

Sustainable Solutions That Make Smart Sense.

ESCFederal provides turnkey solutions that are eco-friendly, effective, and safe for occupants and the environment we all share. And they are more affordable than you might think.

ESCFederal helps companies provide a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance program that fits even the most stringent green objectives. Contact us today for a complimentary service analysis to make your operations more green, more sustainable, and more cost-efficient.

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