#TeamworkTuesday – An Attitude of Gratitude All Yearlong

#TeamworkTuesday – An Attitude of Gratitude All Yearlong

Did you know November is National Gratitude Month? Gratitude is about so much more than just saying “THANK YOU.” It’s about actively fostering a positive mindset in ourselves and others. An attitude of gratitude is a powerful tool to build bonds with the people who have helped us continue to grow and thrive. At ESCFederal, we are deeply grateful for our clients, our partners, and most of all – our people. Our people are more than employees or associates, they are family and that has never meant more than over the last 18 months.

A year ago, ESCFederal began celebrating #TeamworkTuesday in our social media posts. Each week, we feature an exemplary employee or terrific team that has gone above and beyond to serve our clients and their community. It’s a small way that we can shine a spotlight of recognition on the hard work and dedication of our people. It’s been truly inspiring to see properties from around the country and the beautiful faces who passionately maintain them.

The #TeamworkTuesday recognition quickly gained momentum and spread positivity at all levels of the company. Managers shared amazing behind-the-scenes stories of team members. Employees nominated managers for their efforts in building a sense of community with teams and stakeholders. Clients, property managers, and owners have also shared the many ways in which they regularly recognize our ESCFederal family at their properties.

During this past year, we’ve been truly inspired by our essential employees who have worked on the frontlines to keep the places we work, shop, and play, safe and open for business.

  • We’ve learned how many employees speak a foreign language, and how many regularly put those skills to work as guest interpreters.
  • We’ve been able to celebrate colleagues who are artists, musicians, and culinary chefs.
  • We’ve been moved by the many ways in which our team members volunteer and give back to our communities.
  • We’ve seen our people be fearless as first-responders to assist injured guests.
#TeamworkTuesday – An Attitude of Gratitude All Year long

We could post #TeamworkTuesday every day, for years, and still not be able to recognize the accomplishments and impact of our 4,000+ employees. But every week it makes us proud to recognize that we truly have a world-class team, and love seeing their world-class smiles.

Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to learn more about our services and our team. Want to submit an employee or team for recognition? Please contact us, we’d love to hear your story!

“Our People. Our Passion. Our Performance” is at the heart of our company and our team. And for that, we are truly grateful.

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