What Makes Us an Employer of Choice?

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What makes ESCFederal the Employer of Choice for so many candidates across the country? It’s a question we asked ourselves in the middle of a recent team meeting. The day before, we became acutely aware of how the labor shortage sweeping the nation is affecting many of our competitors compared to ESCFederal. One of our clients shared how they were struggling, unable to keep a team of four employees staffed while we were able to consistently staff a team of 12+ at a similar property just up the street.

So, what’s the difference? Why are we able to keep our turnover rates low while ramping up with great new candidates in this seemingly “moment of correction” in the U.S. economy? We sat down and talked it through and realized there are a few reasons.  A few reasons that we’re extremely proud of, and that we know other companies, with the right resources and bootstrap-mentality, can achieve.

1. Managers with Character 

Having a set of regional managers and property leaders that deeply care about their work and their people is the start of what makes the difference in becoming an employer of choice. To say it simply, our managers are good people, who want to work for us because of the culture we’ve created for more than 60 years.

2. The Right Partnerships

We understand the importance of client partnership, always. The right partnerships are critical in moments like these when we are truly “in the trenches” with our clients. With relationships built over years, galvanized through adversity, and now built to withstand a national supply chain and labor shortage, ESCFederal, in true partnership with our clients, is able to develop creative solutions for recruitment, retention, and staggering wage pressure.

3. Boots on the Ground Efforts 

We don’t wait for the right people to come to us, though. We use boots on the ground efforts to find the very best employees who share our values of people, passion, and performance. We strive for servant leaders who care about their workforce and their community and, in turn, care about the properties they’re helping service.

4. References and Incentive Programs 

Because we have strong managers, we have strong references. Many of our new hires come from our outreach efforts, alongside internal references from team members who want to share their love about ESCFederal. When employees are happy and treated well, they’ll spread the news for you. Plus, our commitment to safety, training, recognition programs and higher-than-market wages and benefits let our employees know that we care about them and their careers, not just their day-to-day work.

5. Room for Growth 

Read this twice: every single manager in our Las Vegas region started out as a porter. A lot of companies tout their “growth opportunities,” but at ESCFederal, we don’t just talk the talk. We walk the walk by training our employees from the ground up, providing life-changing careers across the country – not just jobs.

ESCFederal Employer of Choice

ESCFederal: We Invest in Our People

At ESCFederal, our people are the foundation of our company. Our recruiting, training, and growth opportunities help our employees build careers while learning the skills needed to provide the level of performance our customers expect. And, while there isn’t one specific way to become the employer of choice for potential employees, there is one value you should be putting all of your focus on: your people.

Want to join our team? Learn more about our career opportunities now! Plus, contact us for more information by reaching out to hrrecruiting@escfederal.com

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