3 New Year’s Resolutions for Facility Managers

new-years-resolutions-for-facility-managers_180_110Here are a three New Year’s tips to help your facilities look their best, streamline your budget and improve your operational health.

1. Take a Walk
Inspection checklists and quality assurance reports are critical tools to prevent injuries, record hazards for corrective action and keep your facilities looking their best. However, there comes a time when you need to put down your phone, leave your desk and walk the facility yourself. There is no substitute for regularly conducting site inspections to maintain quality control.

2. An Ounce of Prevention
The great thing about preventative maintenance is that it is performed while the equipment is still working, helping prevent unexpected (and costly) breakdowns. We all know that we should be adhering to preventative maintenance schedules, but all too often it falls to the bottom of our priority lists in the hustle and bustle of daily activities. Make preventative maintenance one of your New Year’s resolutions. As a result of an effective preventative maintenance program, you can improve operational efficiency and save yourself from unanticipated and costly repairs. Preventative maintenance can save you 33-50% in equipment maintenance expenses!

3. Go Green
Being environmentally responsible not only protects employees, tenants and customers, it can also add up to long-term cost-savings. The janitorial services industry has made huge strides to reduce the impact on the environment on a daily basis. This implementation and promotion of more environmentally-friendly chemicals, energy-efficient equipment, water reduction, chemical-free products, recycled paper, reduction of pollutants and microfiber all aid in support of environmental initiatives. Plus, tenants are increasingly demanding owners conform to high performance green cleaning standards and LEED Certification. LEED Certification demonstrates an owner’s commitment to using resources widely and creating occupied spaces that are healthy and sustainable.

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