5 Star Hotel Service in YOUR Building?

5-star-ratingDoes your building offer 5 Star service? Well, why not? Striving for excellence is a GOOD thing. While beauty is, as they say, in the eye of the beholder, 5 Star service can be defined by an overall first-class customer experience – impeccably clean facilities, service that consistently goes above and beyond and helpful staff that is responsive to their customer’s every need. Property owners and managers are asking for excellence in their building maintenance and janitorial services – as they should. Whether it is through an outsourced building maintenance program or a contract service specific to a facility, the service must be top-notch.

One way to accomplish excellence is through the use of Quality assurance (QA) programs, which offer a way of doing business that provide systematic measurement, monitoring and other information important to the management of cleaning and maintenance operations. Today, there are many web-based solutions that offer easy-to-use, state-of-the art quality management and inspection technologies, many of which can be operated right off your smart phone. These types of QA programs allow for no-hassle inspections customized to your facility’s exact cleaning specifications. Buildings, locations, and rooms can be selected by merely touching your device’s display screen. What could be simpler?

The building owner must be assured that the janitorial service company is consistently reliable in order for business to continue efficiently the next day, and the next. The contract company must stay in constant communication with their employees to assess problems or to solve anticipated potential problems. Are there enough vacuums? Do the cleaning products provided do a good enough job? Is recycling being practiced? Are there adequate janitorial employees for the square footage of the building? Are the employees going above and beyond to ensure that the building isn’t just clean, but that it is impeccable?

Janitorial services must fully take into account a building’s interior, such as carpets, tile, rest rooms and windows, as well as exterior entrances. Personnel within the building during the day must be assured that the area they occupy for eight hours or more a day is the cleanest it can possibly be, for their health and for their well-being. During their assigned work hours, that building is their “hotel,” and it must be 5 Star.

With a tried and true janitorial service provider, that 5 Star building could be yours! One of the ways in which ESC Building Services delivers on the promise is to provide “national reach, local touch.” We employ people locally who take pride in their work and we give them the best training in the industry; and we offer them careers, not just jobs. Our regional management teams are empowered to make good decisions quickly. Our employees and managers often use the facilities we serve, creating a real sense of pride in the work they do for our customers. Exceptional performance is all in the little things; and we work hard to deliver on that promise.

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