Boost Your Bottom Line with Facilities Maintenance Services

Whether your facility has fully reopened or you’re operating with a hybrid workspace, facility managers are struggling to do more with less.

The industry trends are clear: from staffing shortages, to supply chain issues, to increased health and safety demands, facility operations budgets are stretched tighter than ever.

Facilities maintenance is no longer just a non-revenue driving business, it’s playing a critical role in driving fiscal stability. Here are five ways you can boost your bottom line with our facilities maintenance services.

1. Appearances matter

Like the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. When it comes to your facility, first impressions start before people even enter your building. In one recent survey, 95% of shoppers chose which stores to enter solely by exterior appearances. Even more alarming than consumer preference towards cleanliness is the statistic that 94% of adults will actually avoid your business in the future if they run into an unkempt bathroom. Whether you’re trying to attract new patrons or new talent to join your team, 79% will want cleaning to be visible or highly visible while they are in your building. Although some professional cleaning services are traditionally done during off-hours, we recommend scheduling routine maintenance during normal business hours. This will not only offer better quality control, but will also provide occupants with visible reassurance that you value their health, safety, and security.

2. Small changes can have a big impact

If you haven’t performed an energy audit on your facility recently, you might be surprised how small adjustments can add up to big cost savings over time. Even minor changes, such as setting lights to turn off automatically 15 minutes earlier each evening, outfitting toilets with flex valves for less water per flush, and converting to LED lights can add up to 40% savings in your company’s energy bills. We’re no strangers to energy-saving products and would be happy to recommend additional strategies for your facility.

3. An ounce of prevention

Preventative maintenance will keep your most important assets up and running and reduce operational costs from unexpected downtime. It will also save facility managers time, money, and headaches. The use of connected technology, such as Internet of Things (IoT) is a game changer for facilities managers. By adopting data-driven technology, you can now take a proactive approach to maintain your facility. For example, medical labs that call for 24-hour refrigeration or uninterrupted medical equipment may get an edge from predictive technology that prevents devastating outages. If you need help reprogramming your reactive mindset, we can help. We’re proponents of a take-charge approach to facility maintenance.

4. Data-informed scheduling

Analytics are at the core of any effective facilities maintenance program. If you’re not monitoring and measuring asset performance, you’re not making informed, data-driven maintenance decisions to keep your facility operating at peak efficiency. Adjusting workflows, maintenance, and cleaning frequencies to when (and where) can add up to big cost savings. Check out last month’s blog for key performance indicators (KPIs) we recommend you measure for your facility.

5. Keep Occupants Healthy

The CDC estimates that American employers lose nearly $1,685 per employee (or $225.8) billion annually in lost productivity due to employees absenteeism. One contaminated doorknob can infect 50% of patrons in your facility in just 2-4 hours! From the flu, to Norovirus, to COVID-19, once a virus enters your workplace, it tends to travel from one employee to the next as pathogens spread through your facility. Frequently touched surfaces and objects need routine disinfection. For those common areas, like bathrooms, hands-free door openers and door foot pulls will minimize how often employees touch germ-infested handles with their hands. Advanced cleaning and disinfection will directly affect your bottom line. Whether you are considering Green Cleaning Solutions or more traditional products, we can help advise on the best course of action.

Want to boost your bottom line? Contact the team at ESCFederal for a complimentary service analysis.

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