Bridging the Gap: How Facilities Maintenance is Driving Customer Confidence Post-COVID

Facilities Maintenance for Gaming and Resorts

The Gaming and Resort industry has been devastated by the recent COVID-19 pandemic. As the industry evolves, though, there is hope for a powerful recovery and resurgence across casinos, resorts, entertainment properties, and more. Actively and visibly addressing efficient health and safety guidelines for your property is now a competitive advantage that helps drive customer confidence. Facilities maintenance is no longer just a non-revenue driving business. Now, it’s playing a critical role to let your customers know: your facilities are safe and clean.

Choose ESCFederal for Your Gaming & Resort Facility Maintenance

Our approach is customized to our client’s specific needs and improve confidence and trust from your customers. How? By thoughtfully and collaboratively developing a program that combines visibility with execution and by balancing comfort and convenience for your guests and employees with necessary processes and procedures which ensure their safety. We understand that the increased attention to sanitization and disinfection of your Gaming or Resort facility is a strategic imperative for the health and safety of your business. Plus, it’s what your customer now expects.

  • How We Do It: By identifying our customer’s unique needs, developing a customized plan to achieve our customer’s desired outcomes, and applying best practices from our vast experience through the most engaged, passionate people, and the most efficient, effective, and continuously improving performance in the industry. We combine people, processes, and programs to create best-in-class outcomes that reduce cross-contamination and improve hygiene which all results in keeping your business open and making your business successful.
  • Why it’s Important: On the operational side, ESCFederal facilities maintenance reduces HR, Risk Management, and Operational Leadership burdens, freeing up time and resources that can be dedicated to your company’s Core Business. Facilities maintenance for your customers, though, is a necessity for driving confidence. In a new study from KPMG, 79% of respondents want cleaning to be visible or highly visible.

Looking to the Future: The Evolution of Gaming & Resorts

While the industry is realizing great strides in autonomous technology and rapidly changing disinfection methods, one thing is certainly clear today: customers still want to be reminded at every turn that casinos, hotels, and other hospitality facilities are working hard to protect them. Our team boasts over 60 years of experience providing World-Class Facility Service Solutions with an operations-first approach.

Facilities maintenance is driving customer confidence in the time of COVID-19. Trust ESCFederal to create and implement customized work plans for each of your locations so you can focus on your Core Business.

Contact us today for more information about our Gaming & Resort industry facility management services. 

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