The Value of Day Porters

DayPorterConstellationYour night-cleaning crew is doing a magnificent job and you are proud of them. But who takes care of overflowing wastebaskets or malfunctioning toilets during the day? Who cleans up spills from occupants of the buildings? What happens if a bathroom runs out of toilet paper, or paper towels, or a faucet won’t shut off? What if an overhead light goes out?

Day porter services are a valuable investment to ensure that your building stays looking clean and professional, as well as properly maintained. Day porters are experienced working discreetly in public, high traffic areas to keep buildings spic and span. They are familiar with all kinds of cleaning and trash removal, and can deal with minor repairs and touch-up painting. Details make all the difference. Proper and frequent tasks like cleaning, disinfecting, sweeping, dusting, mopping and light maintenance to ensure facilities are clean and safe for occupants.

Day porters are usually given a set list of cleaning tasks to perform and a schedule on which to perform them. Depending on the needs of the employer, a person with this title may maintain high-traffic areas both inside and outside of buildings.

Besides trash removal and spill clean-ups, a day porter may be asked to keep windows and fixtures free of smudges and fingerprints. They also may maintain safety in public areas by proactively removing any obstacles that could lead to trip-and-fall accidents, reducing liability for building owners.

Ongoing, on-the-job training is essential for a day porter as well as for night-cleaning services. Day porters are trained to be detail-oriented and, after training, take on the role with keen observation skills and a go-get’em attitude. They are able to recognize what needs to be done to keep a building “ship-shape” for the day occupants.

Don’t discount the value day porter services can bring to your building – and to maintaining a clean, safe and healthy working environment.

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