Make Your Property Shine in the Summertime

Pressure-WashingDo pedestrians and commuters admire your property as they go by or “tsk-tsk” at the poorly-kept exterior? If they avoid looking at your building because of graffiti, grimy windows or overgrown landscaping, you might want to do something about it. After all, it reflects on your business. You want customers, clientele, and employees who are proud to enter your building. Summertime is the perfect time to make your property shine!

Perhaps the first thing you might consider is pressure-washing the exterior of the building to rid it of ugly graffiti, dust, dead bugs and bird droppings! Pressure washing can also spruce up parking lots, garages, sidewalks, and entryways.

Pressure washers interact with detergents in order to increase the efficiency of cleaning. There are even environmentally-friendly versions of these soaps and chemicals. These washers spray steady and intense streams of water to areas that do not lend themselves to other types of washing. It would take exorbitant amounts of time and staff to clean buildings by man-power alone.

Once the exterior surface of your building is clean, you’re going to have to wash the windows – ALL windows and exposed glass – from both sides. If windows are numerous and on several stories, you will want to hire professional window washers. There’s no sense in having a clean building with obviously dirty windows, right? Sunshine reflecting off or shining in on dirty windows is not conducive to happy customers nor employees.

Are there doors or windows that are askew, hanging by a thread? Fix them. Are letters missing from neon signs announcing your business? Replace them. What is the state of outdoor and indoor lighting? Put in new light bulbs or fixtures so the property is welcoming and well-lit at night. Is your parking lot peppered with pot holes? Fill them!

Next comes landscaping. Are there weeds and dried blossoms on rose bushes or plants? Get rid of them. If you have desert landscaping, is the gravel where it should be or strewn over sidewalks? Sweep it. If there is no color and the landscaping is bland, consider adding some color in various places to catch the eye. Use your (or your landscaper’s) imagination and creativity.

Most importantly, have a shrewd eye when assessing your property. Be brutal! Would you want to come here or return for a second time? Are the buildings and surroundings inviting and friendly? If not, give them some TLC and watch your property shine!

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