3 Summer Janitorial Cleaning Tips

Summer JanitorialIn summertime, the living may be easy, but summer janitorial is busy! For retail and lifestyle centers, summer is a high traffic season. Commercial properties battle dust and allergens. And university and educational facilities require deep cleaning for their short off season. Whether your facility is indoors or outdoors, here are 3 summer janitorial tips we recommend to keep your property from singing the summertime blues.

Summer Janitorial Floor Care

Every visitor who sets foot in your building is bringing with them dust, allergens, dirt and other outdoor debris. Additional foot traffic will also bring extra scuffs, spills and gum, not to mention the wear and tear on carpets and floors. This is a good time to evaluate cleaning equipment for maintenance or replacement, including vacuums, floor buffers and gum removers. Seasonal deep cleaning will remove dirt, stains, and allergens, as well as extend the life of your floors.

Summer Janitorial Window Cleaning

This is the time of year to enjoy the sunshine. That means windows – interior and exterior – need to be sparkling clean to let in natural light. Sunshine can put a spotlight on dust, cobwebs and other debris so it’s important to have the right equipment to dust, replace lightbulbs and air filters and address other high area maintenance.

Summer Janitorial Power Washing

Pressure washing exterior building facades, entrances, sidewalks and windows can really help your facility sparkle and shine. It will also remove graffiti, gum, dust, dead bugs and unsightly bird droppings. Don’t forget parking garages, too!

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