Do you know who is cleaning your building?

who-is-in-your-buildingDo you really know who is cleaning your building at night? You may never get the chance to see or interact with your night time janitorial team. So how can you be assured that the people servicing your building are worthy of your trust?

Here are three tips to ensure peace of mind about the identity of your nighttime cleaning crew.

  1. Confirm the name of the company that is servicing your facility. If the company with whom you have contracted and carefully vetted has subcontracted any portion of the work, make sure it is disclosed. You’ll want to investigate the reputation of the subcontracted company, how long they have been in business, their certifications and capabilities. You have a right to know the names of nighttime janitorial crew and for whom they are working.
  2. Make sure the company you hired runs background checks and drug testing on all team members (and is willing to provide documentation to that effect upon demand).
  3. It’s important that the company servicing your building is fully bonded and insured. You never know when an accident might happen.

A commercial janitorial company should be a partner that you can trust. If you ever have questions about the work being performed, the quality of the work, or who is performing the work, you should contact your service representative immediately for resolution. If the company is unwilling to provide the information you request, it may be time to start looking for a commercial janitorial partner who understands how the importance of trust and transparency.

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