Benefits of Integrated Facilities Services

Why Integrated Facilities ServicesThere are many benefits of an integrated facilities services program. A single-source provider has the training, technology, efficiencies and experience to provide asset management and engineering services designed to extend the operating life of your capital investments. More importantly, they will keep your facilities looking and operating at their best for years to come.

Benefits of an Integrated Facilities Services program

Today’s most effective facilities services solutions are data-driven. Cloud-based technology ensures that rigorous measurements can be taken to drive improvements based upon best practices, sustainability, physical security, energy management and intelligent building projects. Integrated facilities services offer predictive maintenance schedules that measure effectiveness, track operational efficiencies and better pinpoint opportunities.

An outsourced, integrated facilities services partner brings deep and broad expertise in equipment and systems management, with up-to-date training and expertise where you need it most. Instead of watching short-term operating costs, facilities managers can manage the total cost of ownership and occupancy and turn their attention to where it is needed most.

Why an Integrated Facilities Services program?

There are many reasons to choose an integrated facilities services program:

  • An integrated facilities service approach generates workflow synergies that, together with management optimization, create value
  • Eliminates duplication of management and other overhead
  • Provides the ability to work out of the same technology platform and share data which results in improved daily operations and reporting
  • Allows for cross training and cross utilization/sharing of resources, which improves efficiency, job satisfaction and employee loyalty
  • Creates a more cohesive team and improves communication across service lines and with the customer
  • Promotes team work and commitment to the workplace
  • Allows lessons learned, innovations and better practices to be more easily shared
  • Optimizes procurement processes

Facilities Managers have enough headaches. Don’t you deserve true asset management for a greater return on your investment?

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