Does Your Team Make YOU Look Good? If Not, WHY Not?

The degree of professionalism and conscientiousness of your team reflects back on your janitorial services company. A team who is not well-trained, who does not understand their duties (or is neglecting them), is unaware of cleaning “etiquette,” or who is not advised properly of your expectations, is a liability to you and to the owners of the building. You cannot afford liabilities in the janitorial services industry.

How do you eliminate liabilities in this industry? Training and more training. At ESC, we believe that our people are the core of our business. And we make sure they know that. We give them the best training in the industry; and we offer them careers, not just jobs.

At ESC, we don’t expect more from our employees than we are willing to do ourselves. We don’t take shortcuts nor behave in a way that we don’t want them to behave. Role modeling enhances the training we give our team. Professionalism and courtesy is emphasized, and our team acts accordingly.

We also encourage continuing feedback from our team. We want to know how WE are doing as managers. Our team feels secure and knows it is OK to tell us the truth – about the training, our advised techniques, the equipment and supplies, and our expectations of them as a team or individually. We want to know what is going right for them and what might be improved. If something isn’t working or isn’t working as well as it should, the team can be assured it will be dealt with in an expedient manner. As a result, they welcome the feedback we give to them. By doing so, we improve our managerial skills and the team improves their work skills, securing their careers at ESC. A win-win situation.

We train our team to clean like the building is their own. We have developed systems that allow our team to work consistently and efficiently. We know that the quality of our team’s performance determines whether or not our customers are satisfied. We don’t micro-manage – we treat each member with respect, making sure they are both empowered and accountable. We passionately believe that it is our team, at every level of the company, who helps us build strong and lasting relationships with our clients because of our company-wide commitment to customer service.

Lastly, our regional management teams are empowered to make good decisions quickly. Our employees and managers often use the facilities we serve, creating a real sense of pride in the work they do for our customers. As a group, we offer over 100 years of collective management experience. Individually, we’re proud to employ a family of the most dedicated and hard-working people in the industry. Our people, our passion, our performance – we proudly recognize that our team is the heart and soul of our business.

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